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Hi, my name is Abigail.

       Born and raised in Indiana I have always dressed different. At the age of 12 I started my first clothing brand. I made tie dye tee shirts and screen printed punk graphics on them. The tee shirts were a hit! My customers never knew the one running everything was only 12 years old. In high school I strictly worked in retail. Working 3 years at stores in the mall and 1 week interning at a boutique. I also took 3 semesters of fashion design class and won an outstanding achievement award each semester. After I got my GED I moved to Chicago and started my clothing brand Spit Spit ( ). When the brand first started I was only selling my hand knit sweaters. Within 2 years the brand had grown and I started producing with manufacturers. With the help of my clothing production mentor I was able to create clothing in a sustainable manner. All of my materials were sourced in the US and everything was produced here as well. My brand is stocked in 2 NYC boutiques and can be found online.

© 2023 Abigail Marshall 

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